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TPO Roofing Contractors in Miami, FL

TPO Roofing in Miami, Florida has been installed on a wide range of buildings including schools, hospitals, warehouses, and cold-storage facilities. With tens of billions of square feet of roofing materials sold and installed, this product continues to lead the industry by providing its valued customers with innovative products, services, and warranty options. Whatever your roofing needs, TPO products are a good solution.

TPO Roof Replacement for Commercial Buildings

Today, TPO is still the fastest-growing segment in the commercial roofing industry, and many companies offer TPO single-ply membranes. Unfortunately, not all TPO is created equally. Your building deserves a TPO roofing system from a contractor that has been at the forefront of TPO experience in the most complex situations.

Sure-Weld TPO Roof Products by Carlisle

Carlisle’s Sure-Weld TPO membrane is comprised of three layers –a strong, polyester-reinforced fabric center (scrim) encapsulated between the TPO-based top and bottom plies. Because the top ply is the most vital membrane component for long-term weathering characteristics, Carlisle manufactures its membranes with an industry-leading thicker and smoother top ply. Thesmooth surface resists dirt pick-up and biological growth better than other thermoplastic membranes.

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Searching for a TPO Installation Company in South Florida / Miami

When you need to find the best Roofing Company in Miami, FL, only hire an experienced contractor.   Manufacturers of TPO roofing materials such as Carlisle Syntec.  That way you will be backed by warranties and premium materials.

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